Food and Wine Festival - Palm Desert

The Food & Wine Festival - Palm Desert gathers the brightest and most inspired chefs from California for two extraordinary days of culinary and wine tasting. This event is uniquely educational in focus, showcasing the Coachella Valley as a culinary destination.

Held over three days, March 27-29, 2015, over 35 of the top award-winning restaurants and their accompanying chefs from throughout California will be participating.

Another unique aspect of the festival is that each restaurant has provided their menu in advance so that a team of experts can specifically pair their cuisine with a particular varietal or brand that most compliments the food the are serving. Each attendee’s palate will take a euphoric journey through the festival space as each winery will be placed adjacent to the restaurant it is paired with for maximum culinary impact.

Attending the Event

The Food and Wine Festival Palm Desert is conveniently paired with Fashion Week El Paseo in late March, offering visitors yet another reason to come to Palm Desert in the spring. For more information visit the Food and Wine Festival Palm Desert website or contact: 760-325-2333.

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