The Palm Desert Collection

Holocaust Memorial

Artist: Dee Clements
Tour: Civic Center Park
Collection: Permanent Collection
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Art Description:
A place of remembrance, Dee Clements’ Holocaust Memorial honors children, parents, loved ones, and millions of innocent people whose lives were lost in the Holocaust. Sitting atop the memorial’s uneven, Auschwitz-replicated, cobblestone floor are eleven bas-reliefs with adjacent plaques telling stories of the Holocaust as they detail specific scenes presented on each relief. Inside the site’s history pedestal rests an urn that contains names of 12,000 “righteous gentiles” who assisted those condemned by the Nazis. Clements’ memorial allows visitors an educational opportunity while inviting them to walk amongst 7 sculptural representations that were taken from actual images of the Holocaust.
About the artist:
After creating his first sculpture out of clay, Loveland, Colorado artist Dee Clements had a sense that he had found his passion. Although his early sculpture was abstract in focus, Clements was eventually drawn to the beauty of bronze figurative sculpture, and uses it now as a means of portraying the “content of a person.” Using the study of anatomy as a tool, the National Sculpture Guild member creates art with a focus on the human face and figure in an attempt to capture the spiritual essence of an individual. In addition to his work for Palm Desert, the artist has created artworks for the City of Cerritos, California; the McDonalds Corporation; Hewlett-Packard, Inc.; and Marriott Ownership Resorts. Visit Dee Clements' Website